Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TREAT BOX by Sift?

The Treat Box is a subscription box by the creators of Sift Dessert Bar.  We've created a box that will have a variety of baked goods and some months feature candy/chocolates/and fun items that you would expect (or not expect) us to bring to the party.  But like a good party, we like to keep the surprise up our sleeve. wink, wink.     Sift was featured multiple times on Food Network, this crew knows the true meaning of treating yourself! 

Who is Sift Dessert Bar?

We own a Dessert Bar, which is a specialty bakery featuring desserts that are created from our favorite flavors and nostalgic foods. Our stores have been WOW'ing our customers and dessert fans in California for the last 12 you can bet we have some damn good recipes up our sleeves. We've also been shipping our treats nationwide since yeah, we can pack a sweet box (no pun intended of course). 

How does it work?

While we're still in launch mode, we've decided to KISS...Keep It Simple, Sweetstuff.  We're starting out with a box filled with our favorite treats every other month, 6 times per year.  If you book your first box before our cutoff date, your box will ship on the next shipment. For example, you book in January, your box will ship in Febuary, etc. We ship at mid-month for the better part of the year except December where we ship towards the end so you have your holiday box just in time.

How are the boxes priced?

We price the cost of our boxes based on the cost of our premium ingredients and we a little fun to the mix!  The boxes are based on a cost of $59 per box (which includes FedEx 2-Day shipping to keep everything as fresh as possible). They are meant for sharing, and life is more fun when you do. 

BONUS: When you book for a years worth of shipments in advance, you save a pretty penny, darling!

Are you ready to subscribe to Treats by Sift?

Do you have questions for us? Please don't hesitate to reach out!  Real people answer our email and phones!   707.703.4228